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        QC、 R&D technician
        sex: unlimited
        the record of formal schooling: Specialty
            Job Responsibilities 1, the semi-finished products (cell virus), finished products (inactivated vaccine), water quality, raw materials, environment, and other related projects testing. 2, issued a test report on the inspection project, responsible for testing data collation and timely filing. 3, responsible for testing equipment specifications and custody. 4, cooperate with research and development projects to carry out experiments to help fill in the declaration of information. Job Requirements: 1, animal husbandry and veterinary, biomedical engineering related, specialist and above qualifications. 2, there are cell virus culture, animal experiments (mouse abdominal / brain injection; subcutaneous injection / intravenous blood collection, etc.), PCR or ELISA experiment experience preferred. 3, there is a certain project reporting information writing ability. ...
        age:20to35year number of people:2
        office administrator
        sex: unlimited
        the record of formal schooling: undergraduate course
            Job Responsibilities: 1, Organize the formulation and implementation of annual, quarterly and monthly administrative work plans; 2, responsible for the drafting of company documents; 3, Responsible for internal security and public security management, to prevent the occurrence of disasters; 4, responsible for the administrative expenses of the budget formulation; 5, responsible for the organization and implementation of the company meeting; 6, responsible for the reception of the company's important guests; 7, responsible for the company staff housing arrangements; 8, responsible for the company-level external communication work. Job Requirements: 1, 5 years working experience in administration 2, writing is better; 3, holders of more than C1 driving license;...
        age:30to45year number of people:1
        sex: unlimited
        the record of formal schooling: undergraduate course
            任職要求: 1、獸醫、動物醫學、生物制藥類相關專業本科及以上學歷; 2、5-8年疫苗行業研發相關崗位工作經驗; 3、3年以上研發管理工作經驗。 ...
        age:28to45year number of people:0
        sex: unlimited
        the record of formal schooling: Specialty
            任職要求: 1、畜牧獸醫、生物醫藥相關專業,?萍耙陨蠈W歷。 2、具有細胞培養、病毒培養、分子生物學檢測和疫苗檢測經驗; 3、有動物實驗(小鼠腹腔/腦部注射;犬皮下注射/靜脈采血等)經驗; ...
        age:20to35year number of people:2

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