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        Poultry vaccine
        Newcastle Disease and Avian Influenza (H9 Subtype) Vaccine, Inactivated (strain

        Name: Newcastle Disease and Avian Influenza (H9 Subtype) Vaccine, Inactivated (strain La Sota + strain WD)
        Chinese Pinyin: Ji Xinchengyi Qinliugan (H9 Yaxing ) Erlian Miehuoyimiao (La Sota Zhu + WD Zhu)
        【Main Composition and Content】 NDV per dose(0.5ml) contains no less than 108.1 EID50 and avian influenza no less than107.1 EID50 before inactivation.
        【Appearance】 It is a kind of milky emulsion.
        【Indication】For the prevention of Newcastle disease and avian influenza H9 subtype.
        【Dosage and Administration】 It’s applicable to all breeds and ages of chicken. 0.3 ml vaccine is injected intramuscularly or neck subcutaneously to chicken under 4

        weeks, and 0.5 ml to chicken exceeding 4 weeks.
        【Adverse Reaction】 Generally no adverse reactions can be found.
        1. Only healthy chicken can be vaccinated.
        2. Vaccine must reach room temperature before use. Shake well before and during use.
        3. Vaccine must be used the same day.
        【Specifications】(1) 100ml/ bottle  (2)250ml/bottle  (3)500ml/bottle
        【Package】(1)100 bottle/box  (2)50 bottle/box  (3)40 bottle/box
        【Storage and Shelf Life】 Stored at 2-8℃, valid for a period of 12 months.
        【License Number】 Shou Yao Sheng Zi (2012)100652146
        This product is restricted for use by or under the supervision of veterinarian.


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