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        Pet vaccine
        Rabies vaccine, Inactivated (Strain SAD)

        Name: Rabies Vaccine, Inactivated (Strain SAD)
        Trade name: Kuangjingbeitai
        English name: Rabies Vaccine, Inactivated (Strain SAD)
        Chinese Pinyin: Kuangquanbing Miehuoyimiao (SAD Zhu)
        【Main Composition and Content】 1 dose of vaccine contains at least 2.0IU of inactivated rabies virus (Strain SAD).
        【Appearance】 Red suspension liquid with light milky fragile precipitate at the bottom after a long time.
        【Indication】 Prophylaxis of veterinary rabies with the immunity period of 12 months.
        【Dosage and Administration】 The dogs at the age of at least 3 months are vaccinated one dose (1ml) intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Primary vaccination should be
        received at 3 months of age. A repeat dose should be administered 14 days later, and once a year thereafter.
        【Adverse Reaction】 Generally no adverse reactions can be found.
        ⑴ Do not freeze.
        ⑵ Only for the vaccination of healthy dogs.
        ⑶ This product can be used in the gestation period.
        ⑷ Leave the vaccine to room temperature (15~25℃) and shake well before use.
        ⑸ The vaccine should be used within 3 hours once it is open.
        【Specifications】 ⑴ 1 ml / vial ⑵ 5 ml / vial ⑶ 10 ml / vial
        【Package】 ⑴ 10 vial / box ⑵ 20 vial / box ⑶ 50 vial / box
        【License Number】 Shou Yao Sheng Zi (2011)100657513
        【Storage and Shelf Life】 Storage at 2~8℃ with the shelf life of 12 months.
          This product is restricted for use by or under the supervision of veterinarian.


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