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        Poultry vaccine
        Newcastle disease vaccine, Inactivated 100ml

          English Name: Newcastle Disease Vaccine, Inactivated
        Pinyin: Ji Xinchengyi Miehuoyimiao
        [main ingredient and content ] 
        The strains of Newcastle disease virus ( strain LaSota ) inoculation of chick embryo culture, harvesting of chick embryos infected by liquid, formaldehyde solution with mineral oil adjuvant inactivated, hybrid emulsion . Virus titer ≥ 108.0 EID50 / 0.1ml. Low virulent Newcastle disease  ( strain LaSota) before Inactivated ,
        [ character ]
        The product is milky white emulsion.
        [ inoculation object ]
        For the prevention of Newcastle disease, applicable to all breeds of chicken.
        [ usage and dosage ]
        14 day old chicks within  intramuscular or subcutaneous injection of 0.2ml, at the same time nose drops & eye drops using of strain La Sota or Class II attenuated vaccine by the bottle marked dosage ; broiler chickens using the method of immunization in 1 time ; over 2 months chicken 0.5ml injection; if hens have been vaccinated attenuated live vaccine, 0.5ml injection14-21 days before laying eggs .
        [ immune period ]
        Chicken with 0.2ml immunization 1 time; over 2 months chicken 0.5ml injection, immune period up to 10 months; if hens have been vaccinated attenuated live vaccine, 0.5ml injection14-21 days before laying eggs, can protect the laying period.
        [adverse reaction ]
        In general no visible adverse reaction.
        [ note ]
        1 the goods before vaccination should be aware of the local is no epidemic, vaccinated chickens should be health, physique emaciated and suffering from disease should not be used.
        2 the goods before use should be carefully examined, such as the discovery of demulsification, seedling is mixed with impurities and so can not use.
        3 the goods before use should first make it to room temperature and shake well, vaccine after unsealing the run out of limit.
        The apparatus shall be 4 injection by high temperature sterilization, inoculation remaining after the vaccine, empty bottles and inoculation of utensils should be harmless treatment.
        [ size ] ( 1) 100ml / bottle
        Packaging [ ] (1 ) 100 bottle / box ( 2) 80 bottle / box ( 3) 40 bottle / box
        [  storage and valid period]
        2-8℃, valid for a period of 12 months, not frozen.
        [veterinary drug approval number ] . 100652008
        [ standards] the current implementation of the standard of people's Republic of China ,three Department of Veterinary
                          Only under the guidance of the veterinary to use


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