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        Poultry vaccine
        Combined Newcastle Disease and Egg Drop Syndrome Vaccine, Inactivated 100ml

        [main ingredient and content ] 
        The strains of Newcastle disease virus ( strain LaSota ) and Avian adenovirus(Strain Jing 911)  inoculation of chick and duck embryo culture, harvesting embryos infected  liquid, formaldehyde solution with mineral oil adjuvant inactivated, hybrid emulsion . NDV≥ 108.0 EID50 / 0.1ml. EDS HA≥2000 units/0.1ml.
        [ character ]
        The product is milky white emulsion.
        [ object ] vaccination for the prevention of Newcastle disease and egg drop syndrome, applicable to reserve chickens.
        [ usage and dosage ] intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. In chickens from 14 to 28 days before immunization, each 0.5ml.
        [in general no visible adverse reaction adverse drug reaction. ]
        [ note ]
        In 1, the product before vaccination should understand the local without epidemic disease, being vaccinated chickens should be health, physique emaciated and suffering from disease should not be used.
        In 2, the product before use should be carefully examined, such as the discovery of demulsification, seedlings is mixed with impurities can not use.
        In 3, the product in use before making it to room temperature and shake well, vaccine after unsealing the run out of limit.
        4, the apparatus shall be injected through high temperature sterilization, inoculation of vaccines, remaining after the empty bottles and inoculation of utensils should be harmless treatment.
        [ size ] ( 1) 100ml / bottle
         [ Packaging] (1 ) 100 bottle / box ( 2) 80 bottle / box ( 3) 40 bottle / box
        [  storage and valid period]
        2-8℃, valid for a period of 12 months, not frozen.
        [veterinary drug approval number ] . 100652008
        [ standards] the current implementation of the standard of people's Republic of China ,three Department of Veterinary
                           Only under the guidance of the veterinary to use


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