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        Discussion about the problems and opportunities in the development of traditional Chinese veterinary drugs

        One,The existing problems in drug development

        Although people have a lot of hope for traditional Chinese veterinary drug as green medicine, but the traditional Chinese veterinary drug market will continue to face a period of "best game no one played" embarrassing situation, investigate its reason mainly has following several aspects:

        1、The low level starting point and weak development foundation of the traditional Chinese Veterinary drug market

        The enterprises generally in small scale, with backward technology and lack of strong capital and strong technical support. Meanwhile, the traditional Chinese veterinary drug products in small variety,the fake Chinese medicine, quality is not stable enough, repeated low level, the lack of innovative products, which make the characteristics of traditional Chinese veterinary drug  is not fully played out.in addition,there are social prejudices against in traditional Chinese veterinary medicine that the use cost is expensive and the curative effect is undesirable.So the sales ,scale and market returns of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine in the next few years couldn't be too good and the enterprise investment risk will be high.

        2、Laking of professional Chinese veterinarian talent and application of product development breakthrough.The combination of production, learning and research is not tight enough and R & D has not formed a real incentive for the development of enterprise.

        3、Laking of high-tech modern equipment and there exists problems that the level of preparation process is backward, product is extensive and the price-performance ratio is low.

        4、National Veterinary support policy is still weak and the traditional Chinese veterinary drug industry is nearly in the natural state of development.

        5、Lacking of brand leader make correct orientation and positive effect.

        Two,Development opportunities of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine

        1、Breeding market's demand for traditional Chinese veterinary drug has been highlighted. The drug residues become the main obstacle to the development of animal husbandry .More and more chemicals and antibiotics be restricted or banned gradually and people placed more hope on traditional Chinese veterinary drug.Traditional Chinese medicine preparation has even become the drug of choice in some large-scale farming enterprises in prevention and treatment of diseases of livestock and poultry.

        2、The state pay more attention to the industry of traditional Chinese medicine and strenghten the investment.It is reported that in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period,the state function management department shows great concern and support in the development of veterinary medicine and 6 billion yuan will be put into the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

        3、The enthusiasm of research and development people and the production enterprises upsurged unprecedented.Because of the optimistic view about the future market, part of the veterinary drug production enterprise has increased R & D  and market promotion efforts of Chinese medicine and the performance of research and development in all aspects is also very active.

        In a word, the traditional Chinese veterinary medicine face unprecedented opportunities.  It is expected to become mainstream products of large-scale breeding enterprises in recent years if we operate effectively and support strongly.

        Three,How to promote industrial development of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine

        To promote the traditional Chinese veterinary drug develop industrially is the most effective way of food safety and is of great significance. As a member of the industry, we are not only making a product, doing a business, but also undertaking an important mission of the times.

        1、 The Ministry of Agriculture should arrange professionals to administrate the traditional Chinese veterinary drug and the industry.At the same time establish a " traditional Chinese veterinary drug industry promotion committee " and set up a specialized service organization play a bridge role for the development of traditional Chinese veterinary drug industry .

        2、Urged the state to increase policy support

        (1)To improve the evaluation system of the traditional Chinese veterinary drug. Do not copy the methods of drug evaluation but build their own evaluation criteria suitable for the characteristics of the traditional Chinese veterinary drug.

        (2)To set the protection products of traditional Chinese veterinary drugs and extend the protection period of more than three types of new traditional Chinese veterinary drugs. To support the establish of new dosage form of traditional Chinese veterinary drug (such as Chinese medicine soluble powder)and inspire enterprises with scientific research strength to research and invent new kinds of traditional Chinese veterinary drugs.

        (3)To establish the R & D fund award.The source of the fund can be varied.

        (4)Put the traditional Chinese veterinary drug into the epidemic prevention technology model of  veterinary, emphasize the active prevention of traditional Chinese veterinary drug and early treatment. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

        (5)Play the public opinion guiding role of government management. Strengthen the positive publicity for traditional Chinese veterinary drug industry through the newspapers,magazines, website, media advertisement, various forms of activities and so on.  Emphasize the environmental protection and pollution-free of traditional Chinese  veterinary medicine and promote the development of veterinary drug industry.

        (6)Improve the access threshold of the traditional Chinese veterinary drug production.To promote the veterinary drug industry does not rely on the care of small business cause small business is not conducive to industrial upgrading protection.

        (7) Give more supports to the Chinese veterinarian school and scientific research units to solve the problem of talent in traditional Chinese veterinary medicine.

        3、Guiding and Organizing actively to realize the production, study and research combining closely.

        4、To improve the existing standards and norms of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine.

        5、Focus on supporting the leading enterprises with strength and enthusiasm in  traditional Chinese veterinary drug development.


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